Boarding school was a huge challenge, but I hadn’t known that it would have hit me so hard.

If I could go back in time, I would probably have gone back to the time I was new at high school. Having lived only eighteen years of my life until now, this is a significant transition phase in my life since I joined a boarding school for my secondary education. Coming from a conservative, joint Marwari family in the town of Kolkata, I have thought it is good to be “polite”. In fact, my mother has always told me to “nurture friendship” as if it were a seed that must bloom into a strong, everlasting plant.

Boarding school was a huge challenge, but I hadn’t known that it would have hit me so hard. I remember spending the first night in dorm as I wondered “Vasvi, what have you done to yourself?” It was probably because I came from a very protected environment and the change was overwhelminimagesg through the new physical environment of faculty and buildings, and of course the lack of emotional connection at the start.

I’m going to cut out all the modesty here. I know for a fact that I have always helped people because I truly did feel like, but not ‘used them’ for my own self-interests. I realized only much later that some people had used me in many ways that I had never even suspected. What people thought about me would carry me away by a flood of emotions. Now, I understand that this way of thinking was so wrong. It is not good to be blinded by your emotions to such an extent that your intellect is completely forgotten.

The best moments were those moments where I had the time of my life with people who I will always value a lot. I never thought that cooking cup noodles during the dead silence of midnight would feel like an accomplishment. Especially, after procuring hot water from the housemother by behaving like I had caught the flu. Also, I had never known that I could play hockey after having the phobia of objects being thrown at me. These are just to name a few.

But if I really could go back in time I would probably just look at my new boarding life with a different outlook. I would have been sensible enough to know who all deserve my kindness and who all did not. I have lost friends who I really did care for during my four years of high school: some whose justifications for going away were beyond my understanding. It takes only seconds for people to start judging you for your decisions, even though they have not been in that particular situation themselves. But, ultimately, only you are in your shoes, no one else is. So, you need to be sure of what you are doing and that is what matters, indeed.

No matter how good you are you must say “no” at certain points of time. Even if you are no longer that person who always gives away their hard work by letting people copy assignments; even if you are no longer that person who has always offered to help; even if you are no longer that person who would always give everyone the ‘benefit of the doubt’, it is bloody important to say “no” when you must. It is not good to be gullible. No matter how much you trust a person, it is important to be aware and not just play dumb.

These are all life lessons that boarding school has taught me. I am glad that I went there and made some unforgettable memories as well as witnessed what true friendship is. But, most importantly, it has made me more emotionally stronger than I ever was.


Sinner’s Heaven – 16.12.2014

Have you ever wondered why skies in minds

and in front of eyes have always been blue? Or why women

always have to water little seeds? My face goes magenta.

No clothes that are being sold, are allowed for buying, at least

not the ones you like. And kissy faces staring at you

from buzzing screens don’t grow smiles. Rusty

swollen singed hearts burn in the air until

some cloudy dream floats along and makes you turn into

a dainty dove with silvery sighs. Feeling your

lover up, as wet as rain, that falls from that cloud which you can’t

touch. My life is an adult movie

which I shouldn’t be watching, but I have my woolen blanket wrapped

around an oversized skirt that covers my origami paper belly.

Folded into two perfect halves so that it

bulges out just like the beautiful

Equator of our wooden lives on this airy earth.

Perfectly balmy in the tropical mind. So hot and humid.

Scattered hair has fallen disarray on your purse that has within so clean

A white slipped sheet that it would push the sun from west to east so

that it would rise from there where it should, if only you

could hand it over to the man behind the desk, but

movies are meant for the joy of enjoying. So you

turn away from the keyhole to reality and live behind

the door beyond which, you don’t

have the right to, so don’t expect



13th October 2005 (Second Grade)

The Moon

As we sit in the car and go,

Why does the moon have to follow?

Why can’t it stay still

Or have a slow down pill?

Why does it have a cheesy look?

Yummy enough to cook.


There are endless questions to ask about it,

Is it a ball with light well lit?

Is it a parachute swaying in the sky?

Or is it a lemon pie?



When happiness for me meant Jim-Jam Biscuits (8th June, 2008)

Jim Jam BiscuitsHob, chob, easum, teasum

Goes this jam in my mouth.

And It’s sweet flavoured jelly

Which I took from my biscuit’s belly.

Oh it’s delicious!

Very, very scrumptious.

 I love this,

I’ll starve without it.

Chumsy, mumsy,

Chicker, licker,

Lounging Tounging,

Freely, Really,

Shib, Shab,

Loory, Toory,

Mashing, dashing and crashing.

To and fro,

Meery and leery,

Trairy and hairy,

Thumping and lumping,

Squashing and nudging,

Sticking and licking,

Juicy, truicy,

Teasy, peasy,

Snipping and Nipping,

Trenzy and frenzy,

Squantum and mantum,

Frisky, Chisky,

Tiny and Shiny,

Orangy and reddy,

Cozy and Trozy,

Featy and Beaty,

Soft and Loft,

Yummy and tasty

Is this lovely, chunky

Piece of jelly

In my rounded, pounded belly.

Want to try a hand at unusual poetry? Try Synonym Poems!

View my previous blog for examples of my very own Synonym Poems to get a better insight into what your poem should actually look like! But remember not to copy, since your original thoughts are the key ingredients to making your poem superb and extraordinary. These poems are also great ideas for love messages or sweet messages in cards for your loved ones. Use an adjective to describe them and make your poetry personalised to match with your friend or relative’s character. 

These are the steps required:

1. It can be a two-lined couplet to start with, and as you get the flow of it more couplets can be added!

2. Choose a word (preferably an adjective) and use that as the topic or theme of the poem.

3. Next, fill in the first line of the couplet with as many synonyms of the chosen word which seem appealing as a poet. Some words may have many synonyms so while choosing you should keep in mind the sound as well as the syllables! Three to Four synonyms should be more than enough.

4. The second line is where the main challenge lies. Provide the reader with another dimension/emotion/aspect of the theme. It maybe your own personalised perception or even something that describes the theme further or provides a deeper insight into its meaning for you.

Make it your own meaning !


Synonym Poems

My very own synonym poems at the age of eleven.


Thick,plump and obese

Is a burger with lots of cheese.


Delicious, scrumptious and tasty,

To eat things like this I am very hasty.


Thin, scrawny and weak,

Might always remain meek.


Lively, robust and bright

Makes the face glow a light.

Limericks: An Old Mulberry Tree



There was an old mulberry tree,

In it lived all the animals peacefully                                                      

One day Snake appeared                                                                           

And all the animals disappeared.                                                           

When Mongoose appeared the snake fled quickly.

Written on 10th December, 2007 (10-year-old girl)