Sinner’s Heaven – 16.12.2014

Have you ever wondered why skies in minds

and in front of eyes have always been blue? Or why women

always have to water little seeds? My face goes magenta.

No clothes that are being sold, are allowed for buying, at least

not the ones you like. And kissy faces staring at you

from buzzing screens don’t grow smiles. Rusty

swollen singed hearts burn in the air until

some cloudy dream floats along and makes you turn into

a dainty dove with silvery sighs. Feeling your

lover up, as wet as rain, that falls from that cloud which you can’t

touch. My life is an adult movie

which I shouldn’t be watching, but I have my woolen blanket wrapped

around an oversized skirt that covers my origami paper belly.

Folded into two perfect halves so that it

bulges out just like the beautiful

Equator of our wooden lives on this airy earth.

Perfectly balmy in the tropical mind. So hot and humid.

Scattered hair has fallen disarray on your purse that has within so clean

A white slipped sheet that it would push the sun from west to east so

that it would rise from there where it should, if only you

could hand it over to the man behind the desk, but

movies are meant for the joy of enjoying. So you

turn away from the keyhole to reality and live behind

the door beyond which, you don’t

have the right to, so don’t expect



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