Want to try a hand at unusual poetry? Try Synonym Poems!

View my previous blog for examples of my very own Synonym Poems to get a better insight into what your poem should actually look like! But remember not to copy, since your original thoughts are the key ingredients to making your poem superb and extraordinary. These poems are also great ideas for love messages or sweet messages in cards for your loved ones. Use an adjective to describe them and make your poetry personalised to match with your friend or relative’s character. 

These are the steps required:

1. It can be a two-lined couplet to start with, and as you get the flow of it more couplets can be added!

2. Choose a word (preferably an adjective) and use that as the topic or theme of the poem.

3. Next, fill in the first line of the couplet with as many synonyms of the chosen word which seem appealing as a poet. Some words may have many synonyms so while choosing you should keep in mind the sound as well as the syllables! Three to Four synonyms should be more than enough.

4. The second line is where the main challenge lies. Provide the reader with another dimension/emotion/aspect of the theme. It maybe your own personalised perception or even something that describes the theme further or provides a deeper insight into its meaning for you.

Make it your own meaning !


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